You’ve probably heard about the importance of diversity and inclusion but what does that mean for you wedding business? In this episode, you’ll learn why diversity and inclusion matter, how to make changes within your business, and what this means for businesses in every industry.

Today’s Guest: Nova Reid

How Diversity & Inclusion Impact Your Wedding Business with Nova Reid Episode 110

Nova Reid is the founder of multi-award winning blog Nu Bride that celebrates and encourages diversity in the wedding industry. She is a real advocate for equality and works as a diversity culture change consultant for progressive brands and businesses, using her background in mental health to work from the inside out and from the top down to inspire long-lasting culture change.

Nova is also a qualified NLP Practitioner specializing in mental wellbeing, with extensive experience and training in mental health, working across many sectors; including creative industries, education, and notably with organizations such as MIND charity. Nova is a frequent speaker and invited as a regular mentor at the Women of The World Festival.

Nova is passionate about working with clients and organizations holistically to encourage and inspire positive change, to enable them to step into their truest potential and be the change they want to see.

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • Why diversity & inclusion are important
  • The intentional steps you can take to be more inclusive
  • What to do if you only have one kind of couple in your portfolio
  • How to visually represent the people you want to attract
  • Why big businesses are getting on board with being more diverse in their marketing
  • How to examine your own prejudices
  • How to take a critical look at your images
  • Why the wedding media upholds and perpetuates a narrow and uninclusive idea of a bride
  • How the engagement of Meghan Markle & Prince Harry is making waves about diversity
  • The very real cost of neglecting to incorporate diversity into your marketing and business
  • The small changes you can make to be more inclusive


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Link & Resources mentioned in this episode:

Forbes: Racially Diverse Companies Outperform Industry Norms by 35%
The Wedding Business Collective

More from Nova:

Website: &
Instagram: @novareidofficial

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