You may not know this but I used to sell poop. Literal shit. It was a very interesting job but I learned a LOT about marketing and sales in the process. After all, focusing on the product just isn’t going to work when the product is someone else’s poop. Listen to this episode to find out what I learned from selling poop and what you can learn from it and apply to your own business.

Evolve Your Wedding Business Podcast What I learned About Marketing From Selling Poop

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • How I wound up selling poop
  • The importance of selling the benefits and knowing your ideal client
  • Why you should focus on the pain and the results
  • Why it’s so important to educate your prospects
  • Ways that you can focus on things other than just your product/service
  • Why you should weed out industry jargon
  • How you can take my lessons from selling poop and apply them in your business

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