Have you ever found yourself procrastinating things that you know are important to growing your business? You’re not alone!

Today’s podcast guest is joining me for some on-air coaching and he was going through some productive procrastination of his own. He has some really exciting plans lined up for his business but was finding that perfectionism was keeping him from doing the things that matter most to his business. Tune into this episode to learn from a fellow wedding professional who is going through some of the same things that you may be facing in your business right now.

Today’s Guest: Carl Clemetson

[On Air Coaching] Episode #119 Confronting Productive Procrastination & Growing Your Business with Carl Clemetson

Carl Clemetson is the founder and Senior Event Producer for Hometown Elegance Event Catering & Productions out of Minot, North Dakota and a 14 year veteran of the events industry. His passion for excellence has carried his career from the chance moment when volunteered to cover for the catering manager at the restaurant he was working at while the catering manager was going on maternity leave. Upon taking over, he quickly realized he knew absolutely nothing about catering but 14 months later, he was operating the fastest growing and most profitable catering division in the entire company.

In 2009, Carl started his company Hometown Elegance Catering & Event Planning (now Hometown Elegance Event Catering & Productions) and devoted his passions to fulfilling the principle that “Minot Deserves Better” all as a hobby. 2010 the hobby went full time. In total, Carl has completed just over 2,500 events ranging from simple picnics to elaborate weddings. Today, Carl’s focus is on elevating the event experience of guests and clients at weddings. This focus has led to his company changing and how represents a one of kind operation in the state of North Dakota that encompasses full-service off-site catering to owning the only clear span tent in North Dakota; full decor service and wedding planning; florals to linens and everything in between. As clients demands for bigger and better, Hometown Elegance has been there to make those ideas and visions come to reality.

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • How local market changes have impacted Carl’s business
  • How Carl has managed to pivot successfully
  • What it looks like to expand into additional markets
  • How Carl set himself apart at a large bridal show in Bismark
  • What productive procrastination is and why it happens
  • How a fear of failure can paralyze you
  • What imposter syndrome looks and feels like
  • How to set boundaries that allow you to do your most important work
  • The importance of systems and how they help you train your team
  • How to identify what structures you need to keep you on task
  • What to do if you find yourself partaking in productive procrastination
  • How Carl is stepping into his role as CEO

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More from Carl:

Website: www.hometownelegance.com/
Instagram: @hometownelegance
Facebook: www.facebook.com/hometownelegance

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