Your wedding business can only be as successful as your foundation and two of the biggest components of your foundation are your systems and your mindset. When you think about growing your wedding business, you probably think of marketing and book more clients but there is so much more to it than that. Your systems are what allow you to serve your clients and scale your business and your mindset can either prevent you from growing or supercharge your growth. It’s rare that I meet someone who is so well-versed in something as left-brained as systems and something as right-brained as the woo-woo side of mindset but this guest manages to cover both!

Today’s Guest: Lauren Dragon-Cook

How Systems & Mindset Both Massively Impact Your Wedding Business with Lauren Dragon-Cook

Lauren Dragon-Cook is the Founder of Creative Boss Life, a service-based brand that focuses on equipping creative business owners with the tools needed to stop spinning their wheels and to streamline behind the scenes of their businesses. She is a Coach, Speaker, Educator, Author and Creative Innovator. Lauren is passionate about helping others start and grow sustainable businesses through a three-ingredient secret sauce: Setting Up Systems, Getting Found Online and Creating a Show-stopping Client Experience. With 10 years of entrepreneurship under her belt, she regularly contributes to publications such as the Rising Tide Society, Dubsado, and Showit. Lauren enjoys taking long walks down the aisles of Target in solitude, sneaks an occasional nap in when she’s not chasing her two sons, Liam (6) and Asher (4) and anxiously awaits her nightly glass of Malbec or Cab.


In this episode we’ll cover:

  • How to create a solid foundation for your wedding business
  • Seeing yourself as the CEO of your business
  • CEO vs worker mode
  • How to plan your days for maximum productivity
  • How systems make your life SO much easier
  • How to start creating systems if you’re overwhelmed
  • How to stay in your zone of genius
  • Excuses people use to avoid setting up systems
  • CEO stages you’ll go through
  • How mindset can help or hurt your business
  • How Lauren discovered the power of mindset
  • Dealing with the fear of being judged and self-sabotage
  • Understanding your money mindset
  • Steps you can take to start unraveling your inner thoughts & mindset
  • How you may be preventing your own success
  • How to deal with negative self-talk

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