Don’t you wish you knew why potential clients don’t respond to you after your first contact with them? Wouldn’t it be helpful to understand why they’re ghosting you and what is preventing some of them from reaching out to you in the first place? Why the hell don’t these couples book you?! Today’s podcast guest did some killer research on this topic and asked couples these questions and today, she’s sharing what she learned from these couples and what you can do to get more inquiries and turn more of them into sales.

Today’s Guest: Bethel Nathan

Episode 142: Why Couples Don't Book You with Bethel Nathan

Bethel Nathan is a successful business owner and award-winning officiant, and she knows how to build and run a successful wedding industry business, having married almost 900 couples over the past 9 years and building up over 300 5-star reviews. Combining her background in both large Wall Street investment banks and small business, Bethel also enjoys helping other wedding industry businesses grow and prosper as a business coach and industry speaker.

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • Why someone may decide to not even reach out to you
  • The reasons why potential clients drop off after their initial contact with you
  • The most common reasons why potential clients leave your website without contacting you
  • The issue of bridal bias
  • How your images impact who you attract
  • Why you must give an indication of pricing
  • How emails with no personality kill inquiries
  • What couples said you should change about your inquiry process
  • How to get ideas from past couples to improve your wedding business
  • Creative ways to follow up with leads
  • The importance of communicating your value to your leads
  • Why you shouldn’t hard sell and what to do instead
  • What couples wish you knew
  • How tracking your numbers makes your marketing easier

Want to make your marketing easier & more effective?


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