Wouldn’t it be great you could clone yourself so that you could take on more clients and earn more money? Well, cloning may have failed us in that effort but it is possible to get the same result by hiring, training, and working with associates in your business. What if instead of just selling your products or services, you could sell packages with your associate planners or photographers or videographers or whatever it is that you do. You could increase the earning potential of your business AND get your time back at the same time. How awesome would that be?!

In this episode, we’re digging into how one wedding planner is growing her business internationally with associates and has plenty of time for herself! Working with associates is a GREAT way to grow your business without burning yourself out and I can’t wait to share this with you.

Today’s Guest: Gabrielle Pinkerton

148: Growing Your Wedding Business By Hiring Associates With Gabrielle Pinkerton

Gabby Pinkerton is the founder and lead planner at ‘Cause We Can Events – an event company that specialized in adventurous destination weddings. Gabby and her team produce events all over the US, Canada, Europe and South Africa! On a personal note, Gabby, her husband and their 2 dogs live on a boat outside of Los Angeles, CA! You may have seen her and her family on an episode of Tiny House Hunters.

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • How Gabby specialized in adventerous weddings
  • How her ideal client has evolved
  • How she markets to her niche
  • How she benefits from Pinterest
  • How she hired a VA
  • How putting herself into a catergory of one allowed her to charge more
  • How she works with remote locations
  • How she differentiates low vs high value tasks
  • How she started building her team
  • How worked with interns and paid staff
  • How she was finally able to create the right team
  • How she is growing internationally and outsourcing email management
  • Why you need systems and processes
  • How to charge for an associate
  • Why failiure is important
  • Why you should give you team ownership of their work and not micromanage them

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Links & Resources:

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More from Gabby:

Website: www.causewecanevents.com
Instagram: @causewecanevents
Facebook: ‘Cause We Can Events
Pinterest: Cause We Can Events Adventurous Wedding Planner
Youtube: Business Tips For Wedding Pros


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