Have you ever considered using a chatbot for your wedding business? It’s a technology that isn’t used as often in our industry as it is in other industries but it can help you generate and nurture leads in a very streamlined way! In this episode, you’ll learn how using a chatbot can help you generate more leads and turn more of those leads into booked clients!

Today’s Guest: Karlene Hibbert

Karlene Hibbert is the founder of Onyx Marketing Mix, a webinar funnel boutique helping entrepreneurs increase their conversions without increasing their ad spend. Using the latest in messenger technology and email segmentation she helps clients get more sign-ups, more attendees, and more sales from their existing webinars.

Her clients range from online marketing agencies to wedding educators, but one thing unites them all: they’re looking for to generate more qualified leads through their webinars. Karlene’s deep knowledge in online consumer behavior and marketing trends allow her to build personalized funnels that engage and entertain audiences, simultaneously leading them closer to a purchase.

When she’s not building webinar funnels or chat bots, you can find her watching science fiction, enjoying films at the cinema, or taking a long walk along the English countryside.


In this episode we’ll cover:

  • What is a chatbot?
  • Why you should use a chatbot
  • The ways that you can use a chatbot
  • How a chatbot can save you time and add a personal touch
  • How chatbots have a much higher open rate and click-through rate
  • How they act as an interactive lead farm
  • How you can nurture leads with chatbots
  • How to use Facebook ads that use a chatbot
  • An easy way to make sure that you’re not losing leads
  • How a chatbot can make closing sales faster
  • Using a chatbot to support webinar registration
  • How venues can use a bot to give a virtual tour

Want to make your marketing easier & more effective?


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More from Karlene:

Website: www.onyxmarketing.com
Instagram: @onyxmarketingmix


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