Most wedding professionals manage their work and time like an employee, the way we all learned to do it. The problem with this is that when you become the CEO of your wedding business, that way of managing work and time doesn’t work so well. You can actually get more done with less stress but it requires you to change the way you manage your work and manage your time. If that sounds exciting to you be sure to listen to this short podcast episode!

How To Get More Done With Less Stress

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • The difference between managing your work and your time as an employee vs a wedding business owner
  • The key differences between important and urgent work and how to determine what you should work on
  • 3 big mistakes wedding professionals make that leave them with more work and more stress
  • Simple steps you can take to save time and make your work less stressful
  • Why planning is essential for wedding pros
  • How to work smarter instead of harder

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