I’ve just wrapped up the second Book More Weddings Summit and I wanted to give you a behind the scenes breakdown of the good, the bad, and the ugly. In this episode, I’m sharing everything including all of my numbers, what worked, what didn’t, what I learned my thought process around debriefing after a promotion or marketing campaign and why you should do it, and what’s coming next.

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • What Book More Weddings Summit is how this time was different from April
  • My goals and my goals for the attendees
  • All of the results including a breakdown of the sales and Facebook ads numbers
  • Why I highly recommend using retargeting ads
  • What I’m doing with the new email subscribers
  • What I’ve learned from the feedback
  • Dealing with haters
  • What I’ve learned and what I’ll change in the future
  • The importance of debriefing after a marketing campaign or event
  • What’s next for Book More Wedding Summit

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Links & Resources:

Book More Weddings Summit
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The Wedding Business Collective


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