Too many wedding professionals work crazy hours and that’s actually not necessary when you really focus on doing only the profitable tasks in your business. What if you could get your work done in half the time and get your life back?

Let me ask you this: Is your schedule focused on profit or is it kind of all over the place? Do you find yourself switching tasks, getting distracted, and spending way too much time on things that don’t actually help you reach your goals? If so, you’re not alone and this podcast episode is going to help you get out of overwhelm and shift your focus to profit!

Today’s Guest: Hannah Murphy

Creating A Profit-Focused Schedule with Hannah Murphy

Hannah was that business owner who worked 7 days a week and was desperate to have overnight success. The business world had a lot of noise about how she should spend her time and grow her business – yet it wasn’t effective. Hannah realized a productive schedule wasn’t doing the wrong tasks quickly, it was finding the right tasks that actually worked and grew her business from 3 clients to 27 clients in 6 months.


In this episode we’ll cover:

  • What it means to have a profitable schedule
  • Why everyone’s schedule will differ
  • The importance of knowing where your clients are coming from
  • Why you don’t want everything to fit into your schedule
  • How structure allows you to be flexible
  • 4 types of tasks that need to be in your schedule
  • How to free yourself from your inbox
  • Why batching is so helpful
  • How context switching costs you time
  • How to manage distractions
  • How to be productive and still provide an amazing client experience
  • How boundaries actually help your clients work with you
  • The importance of scheduling your work so you don’t feel behind
  • How to audit your tasks
  • The role of mindset in productivity
  • Common limiting beliefs that interfere with your productivity and how to work through them

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More from Hannah:

Instagram: @withhannahmurphy


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