Why don’t more wedding pros reach their goals? You start out with good intentions when you set your goals but there is so much more to reaching your goals than just setting them and hoping you reach them.

Goals can’t just be wishes with business pants on, you have to make a plan to achieve them and break it down into actionable steps. In this episode of the podcast, I share 4 big reasons why wedding pros don’t reach their goals. If you can avoid these 4 big mistakes, you’ll be well on your way to reaching and exceeding your goals for next year!

Evolve Your Wedding Business Podcast Episode #207: Why Wedding Pros Don't Reach Their Goals

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • Why most wedding pros set goals and never reach them
  • How to use the shortcut of reviewing your year
  • Why you need to review what worked and what didn’t work last year
  • What leading indicators are and why they’re so important
  • How to impact your goals using leading indicators
  • Why you need to create success habits
  • What success habits look like and how to create yours
  • How to avoid making your goals wishes with business pants on
  • How a 90-day plan makes your work so much less overwhelming
  • How to break down your goals into a 90-day plan

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