If you’ve ever attempted to run your own Google or Facebook ads, you know they can be complicated but they can also be profitable. It can be a confusing process though and there are common mistakes that wedding pros make when trying to run their own Google and Facebook ads that lead to disappointment. It’s frustrating as hell to spend money on ads only for them to flop and I don’t want that to happen to you.

Google, Facebook, and Instagram ads really can be incredible for generating leads but there are a lot of opportunities for it to go wrong when you’re inexperienced so I’ve brought in an expert to talk all things Google & Facebook ads. In this podcast episode, you’ll learn how to generate leads for your wedding business using Google & Facebook ads and how to avoid the common mistakes most wedding pros make.

Today’s Guest: Mark Chapman

In addition to being a featured speaker at Wedding MBA, Better Bridal Group, The Marquee Show, The White Dress Society, and other industry conferences, Mark loves the outdoors.

You can find him soaking up all that mother nature has to offer at his home in the Eastern Sierras—snowboarding, hiking, swimming in cold mountain lakes…then coming home to relax with his partner, Jaime, and cat, Magellan.


In this episode we’ll cover:

  • Why you should run both Google and Facebook/Instagram ads
  • What your expectations should be when running ads
  • Common mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Why DIYing your ads can lead to frustration
  • Why you need an offer or promotion in your ad
  • Ad promo ideas
  • How to know if your ads are working
  • How marketing and sales differ and why you shouldn’t drive traffic to your home page
  • Why ads can’t fix a bad website
  • The importance of a solid headline
  • How to choose the right images for your ads
  • What remarketing is and why it’s so powerful
  • How much you should expect to spend on Google and Facebook/Instagram ads
  • What newbies should consider before running ads

Want to make your marketing easier & more effective?


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Website: www.theidosociety.com
Instagram: @theidosociety 

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