During engagement and booking season, you’re probably marketing your little butt off. It’s the perfect time to be found by engaged couples, but are they actually finding you? Are you standing out from your competitors or just blending in? And perhaps most importantly, are you spending your time doing random acts of marketing?

I’ve met countless well-meaning wedding pros who just throw their marketing out with the same strategy and planning as throwing spaghetti at the wall. The problem with this is that it just doesn’t work. When you market randomly, you get random, sporadic results. If you want to book more weddings this engagement & booking season, you need to make sure your marketing lines up with who you want to attract and what they actually care about. In this podcast episode, I’m going to break down the steps to do that so you can book more weddings and attract the clients that you want to work with without competing on price.


How To Book More Weddings This Engagement Season


In this episode we’ll cover:

  • What causes wedding pros to struggle to book weddings
  • Why random acts of marketing is a dangerous thing
  • How to make sure your marketing aligns with who you’re targeting
  • How to find out what your ideal clients want
  • How to review your marketing to make sure it’ll attract your ideal client
  • How to decide where to market to book more weddings this engagement season
  • How to make sure you’re doing more of what works and less of what doesn’t
  • How to make your marketing easier and easier every year

Want to make your marketing easier & more effective?


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