All businesses have risks, and while running the wedding business isn’t the riskiest business in the world, it is a very emotionally charged business. This added emotion can increase the likelihood that your business will be at legal or financial risk at some point. We can’t control what our clients decide to do but we can control how we protect our businesses.

Think of protecting your business as a layered approach. Each layer is another comfy blanket that shields you from risk. You can reduce the risk of legal issues or financial loss by making sure you cover each of these legal layers of protection in your business. In today’s podcast episode, our guest is breaking down these 5 layers of legal protection and explaining exactly what to do to protect yourself and your business as best you can.

Today’s Guest: Braden Drake


Braden is a California licensed attorney and tax professional. His tagline is your gay best friend here to help you get your legal and tax shit legit. Braden works primarily with service based, creative small business owners through his courses where he educates on contracts, business entities, cash flow, systems and taxes.


In this episode we’ll cover:

  • What the legal layers of protection are and why they’re essential
  • Why professional liability insurance is so important
  • How insurance backs up your contract
  • Common mistakes wedding pros make with contracts
  • Why Frankenstein contracts are so dangerous
  • How non-refundable retainers work
  • Retainers vs deposits
  • How much of a retainer or deposit you should take when you book a client
  • How to avoid overcomplicating legal issues
  • What business entities are and why they matter
  • How an LLC provides liability protection
  • Why you can’t abdicate responsibility for legal or tax issues to someone else
  • How to vet lawyers and tax pros

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