Marketing your wedding business on Instagram can feel like a full time job. I know you don’t want to spend all day on Instagram but you still want to be able to use it to attract your ideal clients and book more weddings. Good news my friend! There is a way to create a sustainable Instagram marketing strategy for your wedding business.

Just because you could spend all your time marketing on Instagram doesn’t mean you should. You’ve got other things to do! In today’s podcast episode, our guest is breaking down how you can create your own sustainable Instagram marketing strategy so you aren’t tethered to Instagram and feeling like you’re not doing enough.

Today’s Guest: Melissa McClure

Melissa is married to Jason and live with their 3 cats and her stepdaughter! It’s quite the full house. She’s been traveling since she was too young to remember and am constantly searching for the next best margarita or açai bowl. If you know of any – give her a heads up!

She’s based in So Cal, not far from where she grew up. Melissa lives near the beach but doesn’t get there often enough. She spends her free time listening to podcasts, seeing friends at happy hour, and dancing burlesque! Melissa has been a professional photographer for over 20 years and had a full-time business for 15 of those! Entrepreneurship and helping creative women is her joy!


In this episode we’ll cover:

  • Common mistakes wedding professionals make on Instagram
  • Why we need to show our faces on Instagram
  • How Instagram has changed and breaking down the 6 parts of Instagram
  • How to repurpose content using Instagram guides
  • Why vulnerability gets attention
  • How to determine what to post more of
  • How to use Canva Reels templates
  • How often to post on each part of Instagram
  • The importance of sustainability in your Instagram strategy
  • What to post on Instagram
  • How to choose your content pillars
  • How to plan your content ahead of time
  • How to actually engage with people on Instagram
  • How to use hashtags to engage with your ideal clients
  • How to engage with your ideal clients without being salesy
  • Why you need to nurture your existing followers
  • Why you always need to respond to comments & what to say

Want to make your marketing easier & more effective?


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