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A few days ago I wrote a post about why blogging is so important for your business. Now that you know why blogging is so important, what are you going to write about?

[Insert cricket sounds]

It’s common not to know what to write about, especially when first starting your blog. In a way, you have an advantage because people getting married are actively looking for how to’s and advice on their wedding. Most of them have never done this before and are keen to hear your advice as an industry expert.

Here are 22 things you can do to help generate blog topic ideas:

1. Start writing down every question you get from a potential client

2. Write down common questions past clients have asked

3. Interview someone your clients would want to hear from

4. Set up Google Reader for inspiration  (Update: Google Reader was discontinued on 1st July 2013 so you’ll need to use an alternative like Feedly or Feedspot)

5. Newsjack

6. Talk about trends

7. Discuss a controversial industry topic

8. Make a prediction about the industry

9. Ask your audience what they are struggling with

10. Poll your readers or clients

11. Take on guest posts from wedding pros you have relationships with. Let them give advice on their portion of the industry or do an interview with them. They’ll love you for sharing their business with your readers!

12. Run a contest

13. Review a relevant book or product

14. Tell the story of one of your successful clients

15. Tie your post to a movie or tv show

16. Write a post that teaches readers how to do something

17. Write a list post (top 10 wedding planning mistakes)

18. Report and comment on industry statistics (you can find great infographics on Pinterest)

19. Search Quora to see what questions people are asking

20. Write a round up post of useful tips or quotes by others

21. As you grow, look back at your analytics to see the most popular posts and keywords your visitors are searching for

22. When in doubt, look outside the industry to see what other businesses are doing and always try to be a problem solver

writers block

Photo by Cali4beach, available under a Creative Commons attribution license

Just remember that writer’s block is just an invention for people who are nervous about writing. Nobody gets talker’s block. Writing a blog post is just like speaking to someone. In fact tomorrow I’ll share some tips about how to find  your voice in your writing.

Time To Take Action

Grab a notebook and sit down for 30 minutes and write down everything potential clients ask you and things you wish they knew before meeting you. Keep this notebook with you at all times. Once you start thinking about topic ideas in this way, you’ll see them everywhere you look. With this strategy, you’ll never run out of ideas for posts.

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