Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is quite possibly one of the most misunderstood parts of the online business world. Most people don’t know how it works and how they can become best friends with Google so that they get more traffic but we all know we want that. Today you’re going to find out how you can start being strategic and intentional with SEO so that you can rank higher in search engines and ultimately get more traffic, leads and bookings.

Today’s Guest: Zach Prez

Evolve Your Wedding Business  Podcast Episode #22: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) For Wedding Professionals With Zach Prez

Zach Prez is the founder of Photography Spark and an Internet Marketing specialist with 10+ years of experience. His expertise in SEO, social media, email marketing, and web design has been shared in dozens of top photography sites and magazines. He’s a husband and father of three, ninja at Ms Pac Man, and loves books on art crime.

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • How to make Google your best friend
  • The importance of a Google+ profile
  • Why you are the one best suited to do your SEO
  • What each page on your site needs
  • How to use your blog posts to rank higher in Google & target prospective clients
  • How to write about what you want to rank for
  • How Google works after all of the recent updates
  • The top 3 ingredients you need to rank well in search engines
  • The simple mistakes that most people make that will hurt you
  • How to help clients in a way that leaves a footprint on the web
  • How to create a link plan
  • The role that internal links play in SEO
  • Why using high res images on the web hurts you
  • The truth about trading links
  • Why you need a WordPress site and why using Flash will hurt you, even if you use a splash page

Resources & Links mentioned in this episode include:

Google this to see how your site appears: “”
Google Webmaster Tools
All In One SEO Pack
Yoast SEO Plugin
Just Say No To Flash
My report that shows you how I schedule my social media posts in just 30 minutes per week

Zach’s SEO Cookbook

SEO for Photographers ebook - Rank easy

Zach has put together this excellent SEO Cookbook to help you get more traffic in an easy to digest format. His process for teaching is very much like a chef sharing a recipe. He simply tells you what you need and how to put it all together. The SEO Cookbook is full of tools, ingredients, and recipes to rank you well. It’s easy to understand and you’re going to love it!

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to optimize your site and blog posts
  • How to get more people to click on you when they find you on Google
  • How to get more visitors to call you
  • How to measure your rank and search traffic (you all probably know how strongly I feel about tracking things. It you can’t measure it, it doesn’t count.)
  • How to dominate page 1 for your name
  • 5 things most people don’t know about images that are keeping you from getting more leads
  • Learn the 31 ingredients Google considers important, 6 tools to power your optimization efforts, and 23 recipes to rank higher

I reviewed this book myself and it’s full of actionable strategies in non-tech speak. They layout makes it so easy to digest that even if you know nothing about search engine optimization, this book will help you. It’s as simple as following a recipe! And last but not least, the price is a total bargain.

The book is geared towards photographers (because Zach understands the power of niching his business!), but is perfect for ANYONE in the wedding business.

More from Zach:


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