A lot of wedding professionals do styled shoots but I see a lot of people doing them without being intentional about why they’re doing them and how they will bring them more business. You know I am all about being intentional & today’s guest is too. She is an event planner & designer who has figured out how to use styled shoots to get featured on blogs and book more weddings.

Today’s Guest: Alexis Accomando

Evolve Your Wedding Business  Podcast Episode #27: Using Styled Shoots To Get Featured On Blogs & Book More Weddings with Alexis Accomando

Alexis Accomando of The Little Things is a Boston-based event planner and designer. Alexis opened started her business about a year ago and already has been featured on blogs like Wedding Chicks, Ruffled & Style Me Pretty multiple times for her styled shoots.

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • Why styled shoots are especially powerful when your business is young
  • How to use styled shoots to build relationships with other wedding professionals
  • Alexis’ process for putting together a styled shoot
  • Why you should always give your shoot timeline more time than you think you need
  • How to choose which wedding professionals you’ll invite to be a part of the shoot
  • How to approach these wedding professionals
  • Why you should have a target blog for submission and know what they post before doing the shoot
  • The essential things to include in your submission to a blog
  • The biggest mistake people make when doing styled shoots
  • Why you absolutely must be intentional and clear about why you’re doing a styled shoot
  • The tools and systems you’ll need to head up a styled shoot
  • How to manage the creative people involved in the shoot
  • How to determine who does what for the shoot & promotion afterward
  • How often you should consider doing styled shoots

Resources & Links mentioned in this episode include:

Get the step-by-step styled shoot masterclass with Alexis inside The Wedding Business Collective!
Alexis’ Spring Bridal Shower Inspiration Shoot on Wedding Chicks
Alexis’ Summer Bounty Shoot on Style Me Pretty
Alexis’ New Year’s Eve Inspired Shoot on Style Me Pretty
Alexis’ NotWedding Boston Shoot on Ruffled
Google Drive

More from Alexis:

Website: www.itstlt.com
Twitter:  www.twitter.com/its_tlt
Facebook: www.facebook.com/itstlt

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