We all come up against problems in our businesses but have you ever thought about figuring out a way to solve those problems? Christina & Rob Farrow knew that the existing tools available to wedding planners weren’t really cutting it and it was holding them back and stressing them out. Instead of just complaining about it, they decided to take action by creating the tool they and their wedding professional friends wished they had!

Today’s Guest: Christina & Rob Farrow

Evolve Your Wedding Business  Podcast Episode #28: From Planning Weddings To Building Tools For Wedding Planners With Christina and Rob Farrow

Christina Farrow is a seasoned event planner with 15 years experience and a reputation for creative design and innovative concepts. Rob Farrow has 20 years experience in combining business strategy, marketing and technology into strategic marketing programs for companies in the technology, consumer product, hospitality and entertainment sectors. Together they have founded Aisle Planner which is an online project management, design and collaboration platform for wedding planners.

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • How to recognize a problem that a lot of people have so you can solve it
  • How the client experience of brides & grooms influenced Aisle Planner
  • Why you shouldn’t talk AT people, but talk TO them instead
  • The differences between marketing a wedding planning business & a software business
  • How to maintain focus when your mind is full of good ideas
  • Why you should maintain a collaborative attitude toward your so-called competitors
  • Why you should have a customer-focused blog
  • Why you should start before you’re ready
  • How to learn from customer feedback
  • Why your blog must be customer-focused
  • Why you need a vision & a “why”
  • Why you should stop asking for permission and just do it!
  • How to set priorities when it comes to the seemingly endless task of improvement
  • How to manage a team

Resources & Links mentioned in this episode include:

Book More Weddings Academy
The Fizzle Show
What Is Your Why?
Khan Academy
Code Academy
The Lean Startup
The Knot 2013 Wedding Statistics
Aisle Planner Blog

More from Christina & Rob:

Website: www.aisleplanner.com
Twitter:  www.twitter.com/aisleplanner
Facebook: www.facebook.com/AislePlanner
Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/aisleplanner
Instagram: www.instagram.com/aisleplanner

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