Instagram is a social media platform that remains untapped for a lot of business owners but it can be incredibly valuable if you know how to use it well. I have good news for you – today you’re going to learn how to use it well!

Today’s Guest: Jenn Herman

Evolve Your Wedding Business Podcast Episode #29: How To Use Instagram To Book More Weddings With Jenn Herman

Jenn Herman is a social media expert and blogger at and she writes about relevant social media and business trends and discuss their applications, implications, and benefits. Her book The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Instagram was helpful to me when I was first trying to figure out Instagram.

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • How to optimize your profile for business
  • What your bio should include
  • Why you should use the same profile photo on all of your social media accounts
  • How to determine how much personal content to post
  • The content that works best on Instagram and how you can create it
  • How to grow your followers organically
  • What your hashtag strategy should be
  • The best mix of hashtags to increase the longevity of your posts
  • How to determine the best posting schedule for you & your audience
  • The best 3rd party apps to improve your Instagram experience
  • 2 great examples of brands that are doing it right & what some brands get wrong
  • Why you should use filters
  • What your captions should include
  • How you can generate leads from Instagram
  • How to use Instagram to drive traffic to your site
  • The only way to legitimately schedule your Instagram posts
  • How to change your bio link to one that is trackable within your Google Analytics
  • Why Instagram drives higher quality leads and what that means for you

Resources & Links mentioned in this episode include:

Book More Weddings Academy
What A 3 Year Old Can Teach You About Business
Michael Kors Instagram account
Lululemon Instagram account Iconosquare
Wordswag (iPhone)
TextCutie (iPhone & Android) Instaframe (iPhone & Android)
Instacollage (iPhone)Instacollage (Android)
Instasquare (Android)
Instarepost (iPhone & Android) Regram (iPhone)
Trackgram (Android) &
Trackgram (iPhone)
Photosync link shortener
How To Drive Traffic With Instagram
Instagram Drives Higher Quality Leads Than Other Social Media Sites The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Instagram
Jenn’s Instagram Training

More from Jenn:


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