3 Month Private Mentorship

I know you have goals for your business but often times we all get stuck in our own heads and don’t know how to turn those goals into action plans. Even when we do get them down into action plans it can be hard to stay on track and know what to do next.
Sometimes you need specific one on one help and a course or a group program just isn’t going to do the trick because it’s not specific enough to your situation. This program is tailored specifically to you, what you need and what you want to accomplish. You’ll have my support and advice as you work toward your goals and you won’t fall off the wagon because I’ll be there to help you get right back on it!

Here’s how it works

-We’ll begin with a deep dive into your business via a 1 hour Skype call where we’ll evaluate where you are now and where you want to be in 6-12 months. This is where we pinpoint exactly what we’re going to work on and create a plan to get there.
-Every 2 weeks for 3 months we’ll have one hour strategy & consulting sessions where I’ll support you through each step of the process. We’ll work through anything you’re struggling with so that you’re raring to go and make progress once we get off the call.
-You’ll get unlimited direct access to me even outside of the calls because no one likes feeling stuck & stranded. I will be available to you via email whenever you need me in between sessions. It’s like having me as your business strategist in your back pocket.
-Nothing is off limits in this program. We’re not focusing on just certain areas like we would in a course, we’re focusing on getting you to where you want to be and that includes whatever it takes to get you there. If you need things from my other programs in order to reach your goals, I’m happy to provide those for you. Like I said, whatever it takes!
-If you want to continue after 3 months we can discuss that – I’m definitely open to it
-The price for the 3 Month Private Mentorship Program is $1500 and we can break that into monthly payments across the 3 months if you prefer.
The 3 Month Private Mentorship Program is great for you if you want to commit to digging in and making serious progress together.

Sound like a good fit for you?

The first step is to set up a free call to make sure we’re a good fit for one another. I don’t want you spending money on something that won’t be a good fit!