Do you often feel like you’re running around like a chicken with its head cut off with way too much to do? You’re not alone. Today you’re going to learn how you can create freedom in your business and your life and it isn’t as hard as you might think.

Today’s Guest: Nathan Holritz

Evolve Your Wedding Business Podcast Episode #38: How To Create Freedom In Your Business & Life With Nathan Holritz

Nathan Holritz is an entrepreneur based in Chattanooga, TN. Starting in professional photography 11 years ago, Nathan helped bring a modern style of premium wedding photography to the Chattanooga market via Holritz Photography.

While helping run Holritz Photography, Nathan saw both a personal and industry need for a company that could handle the post-processing of the thousands of images photographed at weddings. He created Photographer’s Edit, a company geared toward providing a simple solution for professional photographers to outsource this post-processing following weddings and large events. The company was launched in 2008, and has continued to grow since.

In addition to Photographer’s Edit, Nathan runs a lifestyle brand at, helping photographers and other entrepreneurs regain and maintain the freedom that can come from running their own business.

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • How systems = freedom
  • How the choices you make impact your freedom & lifestyle
  • Why you should think of your business as a vehicle to get you to your goals
  • How you can work smarter
  • Why creatives need systems and structure too
  • How to take initiative to create freedom for yourself
  • The difference between being proactive vs. reactive
  • Why multitasking is so mentally unhealthy
  • Why you should be delegating some tasks
  • How to structure your day to get the most out of it without having to work crazy hours

Resources & Links mentioned in this episode include:

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More from Nathan:

Twitter:  @ihavealifeblog or @nathanholritz

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