You can’t perform at your peak when you lose productivity due to inefficient systems and a lack of planning & order. That’s a big problem when you are the only person in your business so today’s podcast is all about how you can simplify & streamline to save time in your business.

Today’s Guest: Melanie Marconi

Evolve Your Wedding Business Podcast  Episode #54: Simplify & Streamline To Save Time with Melanie Marconi

Melanie Marconi is the co-founder of Where Will They Stay? is a free room block procurement service for wedding and event planning professionals. Known for its outstanding customer service, great rates and mutual benefits for planners, Where Will They Stay? is a trusted partner for outsourcing your clients’ room block needs.

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • Where the idea for this new business came from
  • The first step you need to take to become more efficient
  • The systems that Melanie uses and couldn’t live without
  • How Melanie manages being a single mom and running 2 businesses
  • Melanie’s favorite tools to help improve business efficiency
  • Why you need to examine when you’re working on your business vs working in your business
  • How to schedule your week for maximum efficiency
  • How to identify which tasks should be delegated
  • How to identify areas of your business that can be streamlined
  • The importance of doing a monthly review
  • How to know when it’s worth the investment to delegate something to someone else
  • Some things to consider when looking for an outsourcing partner

Link & Resources mentioned in this episode:

Google Calendar

More from Melanie:

Twitter: @wherewillthey

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