Most wedding business websites look and read the same and that’s bad for you because that means people are comparing apples to apples and it’s going to come down to a price-based decision. You can stand out from your competitors and really connect with your ideal clients by injecting your personality into your business. Kira Hug is here to help you inject more of your personality into your copy on your website and in all of your marketing.

Today’s Guest: Kira Hug

Evolve Your Wedding Business  Podcast Episode #56: Injecting Your Personality Into Your Business with Kira Hug

Kira Hug is the copywriter + strategist behind Kira Hug Inc. — and your fellow Pirate — Kira is your rebellious curator, your storyteller, your art director, and your challenger. And sometimes, she’s even your therapist.

Under Kira’s care + wordsmithin’ wizardry, your story will be translated into copy that highlights the shiniest parts of your personality to the umpteenth degree AND sells, sells, SELLS.

Kira’s eclectic background in marketing and visual communication led her to work for startups like, luxury brands like Estée Lauder, and a handful of global nonprofits.

As the Host of the Bridal Rebellion Podcast, Kira interviews the most disruptive leaders in the wedding industry and the most rebellious (and lovable) brides.

Kira lives outside of New York City on a mountain, surrounded by bears, with her partner, toddler, and baby boy.

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • What a copywriter is and why it matters so much
  • How to communicate the value you provide to your customers
  • The about page paradox
  • How to write a killer about page
  • How to write a services page that actually makes sales for you
  • How you can use the words you choose on your website to connect with your ideal clients on a personal level
  • How to make your relationships more than just transactional ones
  • Why you must adopt your customer’s perspective
  • The myth of professionalism
  • How generic vanilla writing is costing you clients & sales
  • How to attract the right clients and repel the wrong ones
  • How to create a website that makes people feel like they already know you when you meet them
  • Why you need to focus on relationships – they are EVERYTHING
  • Why you should be using your own language and your customer’s language, not your competitors’.

Link & Resources mentioned in this episode:

Mute Your TV, Not Your Voice
Kira’s amazing about page
The Bridal Rebellion Podcast

More from Kira:

Website: &
Twitter: @kirahug

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