If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by your business, you’re going to love today’s podcast. Our guest runs 3 businesses and has learned to do so without burning herself out. We get into how it’s important to know your limits and get the help you need (and not be ashamed of needing help) and how mental health plays into this. This is a great conversation about mental health, busy-ness, styled shoots, social media & revenue streams.

Today’s Guest: Chelsea LaVere

Evolve Your Wedding Business Podcast Episode #59: Mental Health, Managing Busy-ness, Styled Shoots & Revenue Streams With Chelsea LaVere

Chelsea LaVere is the lead wedding photographer for Bit of Ivory Photography, the owner and Creative Director behind Orchestrated Stylized Shoots, and wedding blog founder and editor of Tidewater and Tulle.

Since 2009, she has proudly built her successful wedding-anchored businesses from the ground up, thanks to her respective teams of equally amazing people and some good old-fashioned elbow grease over the years. With experience in knowing the “start to finish” of a wedding and stylized shoot, Chelsea is passionate about all sides of the industry and loves to share her expertise in helping her fellow wedding pros succeed and be stronger and happier small business owners. She and her work has been featured in Denim + Grace, Professional Photographer Magazine, Wedding Planner Magazine, Burnett’s Boards, and other leading online wedding publications. You can get to know Chelsea more on her career website: www.chelsealavere.com.

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • How Chelsea runs 3 businesses without burning herself out.
  • Tips on how you can better manage your time.
  • The power of knowing your own limits and working your own way.
  • How to get the help you need in your business.
  • How Chelsea’s OCD impacts how she works.
  • How every business journey has pivots and adaptations (and yours will too!).
  • How Chelsea came up with the idea for Orchestrated Styled Shoots.
  • Why Chelsea created Get Social Wedding Pros to help wedding pros like you with social media.
  • Some of the biggest mistakes wedding professionals make with social media.
  • Tools to help you better manage your social media so it takes up less time.
  • Chelsea’s advice for anyone who wants to start diversifying by building new income streams in their business.

Link & Resources mentioned in this episode:

Navigating Mental Health In The Wedding Business (Chelsea’s post)
What Being Bipolar Has Taught Me About Business
How to work with a virtual assistant
Get Social Wedding Pros

More from Chelsea:

Website: www.tidewaterandtulle.com
Twitter: @Chelsea_LaVere or @tidewatertulle
Facebook: www.facebook.com/TidewaterAndTulle
Instagram: www.instagram.com/chelsea_lavere

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