Have you ever been frustrated with the results your website are getting you? Or had website shame? Imagine Google completely backhands your website and knocks it so far down the search rankings that your leads dry up. What would you do?

In this podcast episode you’ll hear directly from a photographer who went through that and rebuilt his website not once, but twice and learned a TON in the process. Now he’s attracting better clients and he’s going to tell you exactly how he did it.

Today’s Guest: Arius Jacks

How To Create A Website That Google Loves

Arius Jacks is a wedding and portrait photographer based in Sheboygan, WI and is a member of The Wedding Business Collective. He has been married to his wife Angela for almost 11 years now, and they just had their 3rd child (Congrats Arius!).

When he is not behind his camera or working on his business he enjoys spending time with his family, bicycling, and playing guitar.

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • How Google’s Mobilegeddon knocked Arius off of the search results.
  • What Arius did when leads from Google searches dried up.
  • What Arius used to build his website, and rebuild it (twice).
  • Why you really need a mobile-friendly website.
  • What you should do if you’re in a similar position with your website.
  • The importance of getting constructive feedback on your website.
  • How Arius got to grips with the WordPress learning curve.
  • The differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org and which is better.
  • The difference that blogging made for Arius.
  • How to climb the Google ranks even after you’ve been knocked back.
  • The best tools to help you optimize your website.
  • Why Arius now loves WordPress and recommends other wedding professionals use it.
  • How testing has helped Arius continue to improve his website.
  • How the entire process helped Arius hone in on who his ideal client is.

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More from Arius:

Website: www.sheboyganphotographer.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/SheboyganWeddingPhotographer
Twitter: www.twitter.com/jacksphoto
Instagram: www.instagram.com/jacksphotographyllc

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