Do you struggle to find balance between your endless to do list and your life outside of your business?

In this podcast episode you’ll hear from Josh Withers, a former podcast guest and wedding celebrant who has automated a lot of processes in his business and now he’s looking to help people like you do the same. You might be surprised by just how much you can automate and streamline!

Today’s Guest: Josh Withers

How to use automation to get your time back

Josh Withers is the official wedding celebrant of Fun. A gadget-obsessed-nerd and Foo Fighters fan living on the Gold Coast with Britt, his awesome wife of two years, he has the great honour of travelling this vast planet celebrating that marvellous union called marriage. Obsessed with meaningful, personal, intimate wedding ceremonies, Josh is the go-to guy for a wedding ceremony that is the best part of the wedding day.

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • How to get started with automation.
  • The very real struggle of trying to find balance in your business & life.
  • The importance of running a sustainable business, not just a successful one.
  • How to automate your social media.
  • Care can’t be automated but you can silo your care.
  • How to figure out what you can automate, systematize & outsource.
  • How Josh has systematized his inquiry process.
  • A super simple way to systematize your bookkeeping.
  • The tools the Josh uses and recommends for automating parts of your business.
  • How to start small with automation to avoid getting overwhelmed.
  • The role your customer journey plays in your systemazation.
  • How to avoid burnout in your business and make the unfun things fun.

Links & Resources:

The Evolve Your Wedding Business Facebook group
Josh’s previous Evolve Your Wedding Business Podcast interview on sexism in the wedding industry
Why is awesome for your website
Gravity Forms plugin
Pushover app
Meet Edgar (my favorite social media automation tool)
Google Calendar
Workflow App
Josh’s appointment booking page
Josh’s booking form
The Wedding Business Collective (start your free 10 day trial before that offer ends at 11:59pm PST on June 30th!)

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