Are you getting PR for your wedding business? Most wedding professionals miss out on a lot of press opportunities because they think they have to either have their products featured or have a styled shoot featured. Good news, that is not the only way to get featured by the media! Styled shoots are great but there are easier ways to get your business featured in the media.

In this podcast episode you’ll hear from Brigitte Lyons about how to find these other PR opportunities that are just waiting for you to seize them and you’ll find out just how simple this whole process of getting featured by the media can really be.

Today’s Guest: Brigitte Lyons

Getting Your Wedding Business Featured By The Media Without A Styled Shoot With Brigitte Lyons

Brigitte Lyons is the owner of B, a PR and digital marketing consultancy. Through direct client work and online training programs, Brigitte helps creative entrepreneurs figure out what makes them unique in the marketplace, communicate their value and attract more of the right people to their work and services.

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • How you can get PR for your wedding business without doing a styled shoot
  • How to work with local media and wider wedding media to get your business featured
  • How to come up with stories to pitch to the media
  • What mad libs can do for your PR efforts
  • The role of trends in your pitches
  • How to determine when is the best time to pitch your story
  • How to figure out who to reach out to
  • Exactly how to pitch and what to include
  • The anatomy of a pitch email
  • Why press releases are totally unnecessary and don’t work
  • What to do after you get featured to make the most of it
  • How PR can increase your referrals
  • How to use your competitors to get your own coverage
  • How to get email subscribers via PR

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