What do you do when you realize that your business isn’t making you happy and your brand isn’t really reflecting who you are?

This podcast episode is all about a wedding officiant who went from hating her business to loving it through a process of discovering who she really wanted to work with and shifting her marketing so that she got to work with more of her ideal clients.

Today’s Guest: Marie Burns Holzer

Episode #96 How Your Ideal Client Can Take You From Hating To Loving Your Business With Marie Burns Holzer

Minister Marie Burns Holzer is a professional love storyteller, AKA wedding officiant, based in Southern California. She started marrying people in 2011 and uses her previous experience in the hospitality industry and as a freelance writer and social media marketer to craft a fun wedding ceremony experience customized to her clients’ personalities, relationship, and values.

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • How Marie went from hating her business to loving it and how knowing her ideal client made that possible
  • What happens when you realize you’re not happy with the business you’re building
  • How to keep things fresh while still targeting your ideal client
  • Why incorporating your personality into your brand is so important
  • What to do if your marketing feels too corporate or generic
  • How to identify your best clients
  • The small changes you can make that will make a big difference in the type of clients you’ll attract
  • The fears that come with bringing your personality into your business
  • The importance of asking yourself “How do you want to feel in your business?”

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