Most wedding professionals are focused on getting new clients, but what happens when you book those clients? Are you wow-ing the pants off of them so they love and refer you? Or are you kind of winging it each time?

In this podcast episode you’ll hear from Bethel Nathan about how you can create a client journey that gives your clients a killer experience they want to rave about.

Today’s Guest: Bethel Nathan

Episode #98- How To Create A Client Journey That Makes You Money With Bethel Nathan

Successful business owner and award-winning officiant, Bethel Nathan of Ceremonies by Bethel, built a thriving wedding business marrying 750+ couples in less than 8 years, and continues to marry awesome couples. Bethel found the right way to build a successful and respected business that fit her, and now, as a business coach, speaker, and trainer, via Elevate by Bethel, she enjoys helping others in the wedding industry achieve similar success – whatever that looks like for them.

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • What the client journey/experience is and why it matters
  • Where the journey starts and ends
  • How to systematize handling an inquiry and what you do/say
  • How to know what your processes should include
  • How to align process with your client’s expectations
  • Why processes differ between businesses
  • How to set expectations and avoid problems
  • What to add to your process after the wedding
  • How your client journey makes you money

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