What happens after someone who is interested in working with you gets in touch? Is that where it stops or do you have a follow up strategy?

do you have a follow up strategy?

There a lot of myths in the wedding industry about following up and I think that’s because most people don’t know that 80% of leads convert to customers AFTER the 5th contact. That means if you’re only following up once or not at all, you’re missing out on a hell of a lot of sales.

One of the biggest myths about following up is that you’re being “too pushy” and if they wanted to buy from you they’d come to you. That’s just plain wrong. If you were emailing or calling someone who hadn’t expressed any interest in working with you, that’d be pushy, but that’s not the case here. Would you cook a dinner until it’s nearly ready and then throw it out and start over? That’s essentially what not following up does in your business.

You also have to remember that people may have forgotten that they told you they would call you back or email you. I hate to break it to you but they aren’t thinking about you and your work all day. They often need a follow up to remind them that they wanted to take things further with you. They can always say that they aren’t interested and that’s the end of the follow up but don’t assume that they don’t want to hear from you when they haven’t told you that.

So how do you implement a good follow up strategy?

Step 1: Choose a tool to keep track if interested prospects and your correspondence with them. There are lots of free CRMs (Customer Relationship Managers) like Highrise or Insightly. Don’t try to keep all of this information in your head. That is a sure-fire way to forget something or drop the ball somewhere along the way.

Step 2: Choose the frequency of your follow ups. This may vary depending on the person but make sure you schedule those follow ups in your CRM so that it reminds you!

Step 3: Decide what you will send in your follow up emails. Just checking in emails have their place but you can further demonstate your value by including a link to a new wedding on your blog or to your testimonials page. Think about what they want to know and what they are hesitant about and try to address that.

Step 4: Give them an out. This one is optional because some people feel like they’re being too pushy when it comes to following up so you can add a line to the end of your email to give the prospect an out. Something like “If you’ve already booked a photographer just let me know but if not let’s arrange a time to chat.”.

Step 5: Use the system you’ve set up. We’ve all signed up to tools and said we were going to get more organized but this is something you have to make sure you actually use if you want to see a difference in your sales. Put your CRM in your Bookmarks Bar or set it as your homepage if you need to!

Step 6: Track your success rate & when prospects turn into customers. This information is priceless and will give you so much more confidence in your follow up efforts. Knowing when prospects turn into customers can help you plan better and better follow up series that get you more and more sales.

What will you include in your follow up strategy?

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