How Honeybook Can Change Your Wedding Business

How much time are you spending on admin tasks like following up, taking payments, preparing proposals, preparing and sending contracts, and chasing late payments? If you’re like most wedding pros, it’s WAY too much time.

You didn’t start a business in order to work excessively long hours, did you? Well you can make sure you don’t waste your time doing that by using tools like Honeybook to make your life easier, and get your precious time back!

I love everything about Honeybook to be honest. I love their tool because it’s so incredibly useful for wedding professionals, I love their education focused marketing, I love that they have built in collaboration features to connect their users and members of The Rising Tide Society. But most importantly, I love that the tool they’ve built saves time because that’s one resource you’re not getting back.

Here are 5 ways that Honeybook will improve your wedding business:

1. You’ll get paid faster

Honeybook allows you to send a proposal or contract with a few clicks and allows your client to sign & pay with a few clicks. People are lazy and if you can make it as easy as humanly possible for them to pay you, they’ll do it faster.

Plus with Honeybook, all of this takes place in a custom-branded, professional-looking setting that’ll make you look like you’ve totally got your shit together (even if you don’t). And if you’re thinking “but accepting credit cards means a fee” stop. That’s a cost of doing business. Build it into your pricing (no one is going to care or notice that you raised your prices by a few dollars) or at the very least admit to yourself that your time is worth more than a tiny fee and could be spent generating more income or you know, having a life.

2. You won’t have to send those awkward “Ummmm where’s my money? You’re late!” reminders

Nobody likes having to check to see if they got paid, find that they haven’t, and then have to waste time chasing that payment. Then the person doesn’t respond to your email and you’re like…

…at least on the inside 🙂 Your time is not best spent chasing your payments around and it feels weird and awkward to do it. Honeybook sends payment reminders automatically. No need to remember or waste your time on that.

3. You won’t have to keep track of leads, bookings, & payment schedules in your head or in a notebook somewhere

You have a LOT to juggle in your business and it can take a lot of time searching through emails to see if you did or didn’t respond to someone, when it was, what stage of your workflow they’re in, etc. Did you send them that proposal or was that someone else? Ugh!

Honeybook puts all of this in one easy-to-use pipeline. You can create a custom contact form to embed on your website and when a potential customer fills out the form, HoneyBook automatically creates a new lead and adds it to your pipeline.

Honeybook pipeline

For your booked clients, Honeybook has workflows that allow for automation so you can have emails or questionnaires that go out automatically. You can even have different emails or questionnaires go out based on whether they filled out your wedding contact form or your portrait contact form. Just more things that you don’t have to waste your time on 🙂

4. You can collaborate and keep everything in one place

HoneyBook gives a digital workspace to plan and execute your events flawlessly. You can easily create a digital workspace for each event and invite your fellow vendors and your client. You can use the workspace to keep track of budget, guests, location, event details and much more so everyone can be on the same page. No more flipping through your notes and emails to find that information.

5. You can save 50%

I’m a Honeybook Educator and I’ve teamed up with them to create some educational resources but what that really means for you is that you can take advantage of the 50% off deal I get for my community from Honeybook. I’m a proud affiliate and happily send clients to them who are stressed out and have too much on their plate.

Ready to get paid, make you life easier, and get your time back? Click here to sign up to Honeybook and get it for half the price!

Have fun not wasting your (limited) time on tasks that can be easily automated and made so much easier for you!

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