How One Wedding Photographer Went From Struggling To Growing

I recently wrote about Amelia Washington, a wedding planner who went from frustrated with not being able to book any clients to beyond booked out as a result of joining The Wedding Business Collective. But what if you’re not a wedding planner? What if want to attract clients who are willing to pay higher prices?

Liz Courtney Photography

Can The Wedding Business Collective help you?

Today I’d like to introduce you to Liz Courtney. She is a personalized boutique style wedding and family photographer that specializes in legacy products. Liz and her business, Liz Courtney Photography, are based in Clarksville, TN. Liz has been steadily building her business and attracting clients who value legacy and don’t shy away from higher priced photography.

Liz, being the awesome person she is, kindly agreed to chat with me about her experience as a member of The Wedding Business Collective.

What were things like in your business before you joined The Wedding Business Collective?

My business was running me, and it still kind of is to a certain extent, but I feel like The Wedding Business Collective has helped me to have a better grasp on my prices and to feel more confident in them. It has also helped me to know what to do at a bridal fair to get leads. I have a learned a lot through the Collective. I wish I had more time to sit and learn all that it has to offer.

What made you decide to join? What problems were you trying to solve?

I wasn’t getting bookings because I wasn’t confident in my workflow, my prices, or myself as an artist. I had problems knowing how to sell myself, justify my prices, and how to actually make money.

How were those problems impacting your life and your business?

I was overworked, underpaid, and slowly burning out on my passion.

Did you have any hesitations about joining The Wedding Business Collective?

The price did give me hesitation because as a small business, $57 a month is significant and I wasn’t sure I would be able to give it the time it needed to see results in my business and not have it be a waste of money. I haven’t had a lot of time to learn but the learning I have been able to do has paid off for me and my business and that’s why I stay.

What would have happened if you had decided not to join?

Honestly, I probably would have continued to struggle in my business.

What has happened since you joined The Wedding Business Collective?

I have started to use in-person sales (IPS) and it’s something I’m getting better at. I have created a workflow and I’m able to see the kinks and fix them quickly. I have also been able to create an effective bridal fair setup and talk so I feel confident going into my second year at bridal fairs. When I first joined The Wedding Business Collective I had booked 2 or 3 weddings, and since then, I’ve booked 12!

I now have more time to dedicate to editing. I am not able to go full time with photography just yet but I feel more confident in my business and am actually making money and spending money on worthwhile endeavors!

What plans do you have going forward to continue to grow your business?

I plan to designate more time to going through the courses inside The Wedding Business Collective and learning all that I can so I can continue to improve my business.

Who should consider joining The Wedding Business Collective?

Anyone who is looking to better their business and begin to take back the reins.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

I love The Wedding Business Collective! I have considered quitting to save money as I can’t give it as much attention as I’d like at this time, but I hold onto my subscription because I love the group and all the help I get in there and I am prepared to spend more time in the Collective learning from all of the courses very soon.

The price of The Wedding Business Collective goes up on November 30th, 2017 so if you want to get in at the current price and grow your business like Liz and Amelia have, click here and join us!

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