[This post is an excerpt from the 30 Days To A Better Wedding Business Workbook]

On Day 1 of this series I mentioned looking for places where you can get repeat business from your existing customers. Today I want you to think outside the box again and think about what you always get asked for and how you can turn that into an opportunity.

Here’s an example: One of my private clients does gorgeous letterpress stationery and people kept asking her if the could purchase just design from her and print their stationery themselves. Letterpress is expensive because it’s very labour intensive for the stationer so offering just the design costs less and can be done faster than design & print. Now my client LOVES letterpress and prefers to spend her time doing that but she was finding that she was actually missing out on an opportunity by not offering design only. Here’s the best part: she didn’t cannibalise her design & print option because there will always be people who value and want the full service and have no interest in design only. Creating this additional revenue stream made sense for her and allowed her to provide services to a different type of client-she now has 2 very different ideal clients.

Is there something like this that you can add to your arsenal?


Photo by Muhammed Ashiq available under a Creative Commons attribution license

It’s important you stick to your niche but how can you branch out to another group of people who wouldn’t normally take you up on your main offering? For wedding planners this could take the form of planning workshops with groups of brides & grooms and for florists it could be workshops for the DIY couple. You could even create checklists, ebooks or some other form of digital product to sell.

The DIY trend is actually a huge opportunity for your business. There will always be those who want to do it themselves and those who want things done for them. By providing another offer you can allow another group of people to give you money. How will you serve both groups?