Most wedding professionals (and most people) set their goals the wrong way. They set goals they think they can reach because that will make them feel good. What if instead, you set goals that stretched you and challenged you to be the version of you that has a business making 3x, 5x, 10x what you’re currently making?

Can I be real with you? The purpose of goals is not to stroke your ego and make you feel good about yourself. Most people set goals they think they can accomplish because it feels good, but that’s not the best way to set goals. If your goals only stroke your ego and nothing else, they’re not helping you grow.

Your goals are also not the same thing as your needs. You need to earn a certain amount to support your life but what do you want beyond that? What crazy reality can you imagine into being just for the purposes of playing this game?

Instead of setting a goal you know you can reach, set a goal that will stretch you. Figure out how much you need to make and then do something crazy like triple or 10x it. Who would you have to be to accomplish that? What would that person do on a daily basis? What changes would they make to the business?

Put yourself in those shoes for a minute. What does that version of you do on a daily basis? What words describe them? Maybe words like intentional, strategic, focused, or organized come to mind. What do you no longer waste your time on? What changes do you make to the business so you can have the lifestyle they want? What can you start doing right now to implement that and start being that version of yourself? When you start acting as that version of yourself, your business growth follows. It’s pretty amazing!

Asking yourself questions about this leads to thinking about your business differently. And can I let you in on a little secret? 6 and 7 figure businesses aren’t built by working harder, they’re built by thinking like a CEO. Setting goals this way helps you put your CEO pants on and think about your business differently so you make different decisions.

A crazy audacious goal helps you put yourself in those shoes and start acting as if you were already that person. That creates exponential growth that isn’t possible without that new perspective. When you think differently, you get different results.

Remember, the point of having a goal is not reaching it. If you want to 10x your revenue next year and you don’t hit that, who cares? Chances are, you’ll be a LOT further than if you had just aimed for a number that felt do-able. I did this myself and didn’t hit my goal but grew my revenue by 3x in a year. That’s a hell of a lot better than a low goal I can cross off my list!

I encourage you to start treating goals like a video game. Set a crazy goal for yourself and then figure out what would actually be required to reach it. It probably isn’t as crazy as you thought and you’ll realize some things you can do to start making serious progress. Treat it like a video game. If you try something crazy & fail in a game, it’s no big deal. You can try again and you’ve learned something in the process!

Will you join me in setting goals in a way that stretch you and help you grow? What is your big, crazy, audacious goal? DM me on Instagram and let me know! I’m @evolveyourweddingbusiness and I can’t wait to hear from you.

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