I hear it all the time from wedding professionals – “All brides care about is price”. Really? Well how do you explain this?

When couples were asked if price was the determining factor when hiring a wedding vendor, 80% said NO. (The Wedding Report)

Saying that all people care about is price isn’t just wrong, it’s an excuse that is preventing you from improving your business. If you can blame those silly people who only care about price, it’s not your fault.

Price is a factor, but it’s not the determining factor. What people REALLY care about is value, and it’s your job to communicate the value of what you have to offer. You have to connect the dots between what you offer and what they care about. When you blame your inability to communicate value on your customer, it’s going to prevent you from getting any better at it and it’s going make you defensive and bitter.

What To Do If Your Potential Clients & Brides Only Ask About Price

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There are 4 really common reasons why you may be getting this price question from all of your potential clients.


1. You’re making yourself a commodity

What brand of sugar do you buy? Do you fill up your car at the closest gas station or do you seek out a particular brand? When you moved into your home, did you choose your utility providers based on price comparison?

All of these are commodities. It’s easy to compare them based on price because there is no real differentiating factor. If you are not emphasizing why someone should hire you over someone else and if you don’t understand the value you deliver to your customers and what they actually care about, you’re allowing yourself to become a commodity. They don’t know what else to ask you because you haven’t built any connection or demonstrated your value to them.

Humans compare things – it’s in our nature. When all people have to compare is price, the person who is undercutting you will win. You have to give them something more than that to make their decision on. You have to demonstrate that you understand them by discussing their values with them and showing them how you can help them get what they want. (Hint: What they want is not you, you are simply a vehicle to help them get what they want)

2. You are focusing on price

If you are listing your prices on your website without any context to the benefits that your customers get, you’re the one focusing on price. It only makes sense that people will focus on price because you’ve made your packages page about the price and not the value of what you offer or the results you’re delivering.

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3. You’re clearly beating around the bush with your prices

If you don’t put any prices on your website, of course the first questions people are going to ask is going to relate to price. They want to make sure you fall within their budget before going any further, that makes sense. A lot of people won’t even bother to get in touch so you’re actually losing a lot of potential clients by omitting your prices.

4. You’re attracting the wrong people

It’s possible you’re attracting the wrong people to your business who just plain don’t value what you’re offering. Again, that is not their fault, it’s yours, because you are the one who has to decide how you market your business & who your ideal client is. Do you know who your ideal client is?

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