Sales can be tricky for wedding professionals but today I’m getting answers to your most pressing questions about sales.

In this podcast episode, sales expert Maria Bayer is answering the questions that you asked inside The Evolve Your Wedding Business Community on Facebook.

Today’s Guest: Maria Bayer

Your Sales Questions Answered With Maria Bayer

Maria Bayer is the creator of “Irresistible Selling – How To Win Wedding & Event Clients You Love”. She teaches business owners how to win ideal clients quickly and make more money without being salesy.

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • How to turn more inquiries into sales
  • How to get over your fear of coming off as salesy
  • Why offering more choices might actually hurt your sales
  • How to get your potential clients to see the value you provide and stop focusing so much on price
  • How to build value with your potential clients
  • How to market and sell a product/service that people aren’t aware of yet
  • Why people keep telling you they love your work but went with someone else who costs less
  • How to follow up with potential clients who said they needed time to make a decision
  • Why selling isn’t about the pitch
  • How to network and get referrals from other wedding professionals

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