Want To Get Unstuck? Treat The Problem, Not The Symptom.

Tell me if you’ve ever been in this position: You have a problem in your business and you either do nothing and hope it’ll get better or you try throwing everything at the wall only to find that nothing sticks. It’s incredibly frustrating!

When you have a problem in your business that you just can’t seem to fix, it’s most likely means that you’re not getting to the root of the problem. Instead, you’re trying to treat the visible symptoms.

Allow me to introduce you to Amelia Washington. Amelia is a wedding planner and mother to 3 boys in Philadelphia and she when she joined The Wedding Business Collective she was in one of these frustrating situations. Amelia was kind enough to talk to me about her experience and what happened after she got to the root of her problem.

What was your absolute biggest challenge prior to joining The Wedding Business Collective?

“Before I joined The Wedding Business Collective I was having such a hard time booking clients. I just could not understand why I was not getting the clients that I wanted/needed. I took all the proper steps to create the business and now I was failing without even starting. I felt aggravated, mad, sad, and most of all depressed.”

What changed for you after joining?

When Heidi reviewed my website it took her all of 5 minutes to pinpoint the problem. I sounded too stuffy and corporate on my website and I wasn’t connecting with my ideal client. Heidi gave me plenty of pointers and suggestions that I implemented by December 27th (that date was a personal business goal).”

What specific results did you get after taking action on that?

“On January 1st I got my first inquiry, but I was too excited and also nervous so I totally blew it. However I was not discouraged because now I knew that my client was out there and soon they would be looking for me. And I was absolutely right!

Today makes exactly 2 months since I made the changes that Heidi suggested and I have booked 4 clients that have paid their retainer. I am waiting on another 2 tentative clients to pay their retainer and I have a proposal to send off!

What would you say to somebody who is on the fence about joining The Wedding Business Collective?

“If you are thinking of joining The Wedding Business Collective, I strongly urge you to do so. I actually came across The Wedding Business Collective in May or June 2016. I thought about it, but I did not join until December. Imagine where I could have been more than 6 months ago if I had joined when I originally saw The Wedding Business Collective! It’s a good thing I eventually joined, it has been a tremendous blessing to my business!”

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