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You’ve been doing all of the things you’ve heard work for getting more clients. You’ve built a website. You’re spending time on Facebook and Instagram and Pinterest. You’re paying for advertising, wedding fairs, WeddingWire, The Knot and you’re attending networking events.

So why isn’t your marketing bringing you clients?

I find this is best explained through a thought experiment so imagine this: You’re tasked with building the house of your dreams. There’s no budget too big but you have to build it alone. You’re probably starting to think about how you’re going to create this absolutely perfect and stunning home with luxuries like a massive pool and, of course, a hot tub to relax in. You’ll build a huge, beautiful kitchen like the ones you see on HGTV and a gorgeous outdoor space for you and your family and friends to enjoy. It’ll surely put the most beautiful mansions in the world to shame.

You’re excited, so you hurry to round up your tools to get to work. You have every tool you’ll need from hammers and nails to power tools. You’ve got this, and in your mind, you’re fantasizing about a house that looks a little something like this.

sweet house

You work and work and work on your soon-to- be glorious new home with all of the tools you have.

You step back to marvel at your creation, and in reality, it looks more like this.

not so sweet house

What the hell went wrong?! You had every tool at your disposal and no budgetary restrictions so why didn’t this come together the way you thought it would?

Because you didn’t have a blueprint.

All of the tools in the world won’t do you any good if you don’t have a blueprint. Without it, you’re just hammering pieces of wood together that won’t line up in the end because you didn’t start with the end in mind.

Marketing is no different. Attracting clients doesn’t happen just by doing the recommended marketing tactics.

Yes, marketing tactics are important, but they are nowhere near as important as having a plan, and not just any old plan. Just like any old blueprint won’t get you the house you want, any old plan won’t get your business to where you want it to be. You need a plan centered around who you want to attract, and that will help you determine which marketing tactics and strategies to use.

This book isn’t just about creating that plan; it’s about not having to make it up and hope that it works. I’m not a big fan of hope-based marketing; especially when you can find out exactly what should be in your plan directly from the people who you’re trying to attract. You don’t have to come up with this plan out of thin air.

I’m going to show you exactly how to mine your ideal clients for the information you need to create the perfect plan to attract them. The best part is, they’re going to tell you a lot of this themselves.

I find that about 90% of the problems that wedding professionals come to me with are a result of not having a plan specifically tailored to their ideal client. The root of your frustration, confusion, and overwhelm come from not having an understanding of who your ideal client is beyond their demographics like age range, income level and location, and how to attract them. Yes, you may know they’re a woman who is 25-40 who lives in or near New York City, but that doesn’t tell you what to do to attract them. We can do better than that.

When you get this right, you’ll be like Marie Burns Holzer, a wedding officiant in Southern California who got crystal clear on who her ideal client was and went from working with extreme budget brides who didn’t value what she does, to attracting and easily booking her ideal clients who don’t balk and her prices and are excited to work with her. Some of them have even changed their wedding date so that Marie could perform their ceremony!

Sounds pretty amazing, right?

Since the person you’re marketing to is going to drive your marketing decisions, we need to define exactly who that person is. Need some help with that? Clone Your Best Clients will walk you through every step.

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