After being away for a few weeks, I wanted to bring you something special (especially because so many of you sent me some very sweet emails). If you get my emails, you may recall that I asked if anyone had any questions about pricing. I interviewed Joyce Washington, pricing expert from The Common Cents and asked those questions and many more.

In this video, we discuss questions like:

  • Can pricing your items too cheap put people off?
  • What is “affordable”?
  • How do you set your prices so that your services don’t seem generic?
  • Is there a formula for pricing?
  • How do you raise your prices?
  • When should you raise your prices?
  • What should you consider when you set prices?
  • Does discounting devalue your work?
  • How many packages should you have?

Watch the interview below and let me know what you think!



Joyce is about to launch her course on pricing, packaging and finances for your business: The Blueprint.

The Blueprint

If you want to whip your pricing and financial goals into shape, you can get the details of The Blueprint here.

What do you struggle with most when it comes to pricing?

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