If you were paid based on your talent alone, you’d be swimming around in a Scrooge McDuck-ian style vault right now.

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You’re an uber creative wedding professional that is killing it on the creative front. The only problem is you want to book more clients and grow your business and even though you’re doing all the things you hear will help, it’s not working for you.

You bust your ass to wow your clients and grow your business. Hard work is no issue for you. But you’re wearing all the hats in your business from CEO to customer service to doing the work your clients hired you for and the non-stop grind of doing it all by yourself is wearing on you.

You’re READY take your business to that next level and maybe even quit your day job.

But you just don’t know how to make that a reality. You feel stuck.

Believe me, I get it! And you’re definitely not alone.

Running a wedding business doesn’t have to be difficult and painful. I’m here to help you.

Heidi_1280x768Hi there! I’m Heidi Thompson and I help wedding professionals just like you grow their wedding businesses without going crazy in the process. (Imagine that)

I’m a business strategist and marketing geek but you won’t find any overcomplicated marketing gobbledygook around here.

If you need a wedding business strategist who is going to give it to you straight and uncomplicate the mess of marketing and business advice coming at you, I’m your woman.

Growing a wedding business can be overwhelming, stressful and it can swallow your social life whole…BUT it doesn’t have to be that way and I’m on a mission to help wedding pros like you grow their businesses without killing themselves.

Your business should give you the freedom to do what you love and the freedom to have a life doing the other things that matter to you.


Here’s what some of the awesome wedding pros I’ve worked with are saying…

Esme Krahn Bodamaestra Wedding Planning

“Heidi is always looking for ways to address big and real struggles that wedding professionals have as business owners and entrepreneurs. I’ve already recommended Heidi to my peers who need to revamp their website, start blogging, and acquire more marketing skills to take their business to a new level.

Heidi breaks down things very easily with examples that are simple to follow. I am personally grateful for everything I have learned and implemented. My website looks much better and I am reaching my ideal clients. They are also willing to pay what I am worth!”

Esme Krahn

Wedding Planner, Bodamaestra Wedding Planning

“Since implementing Heidi’s advice, views of my online shop have improved dramatically since this time last year, and I’ve been able to get a guest blog post published on Under the Vintage Veil.

Heidi doesn’t do miracle cure-all solutions, but instead gives sensible advice for both short-term practical improvements and long-term business strategies.”

Beth Paton

Milliner & Designer, Madame B’s Boutique

Beth Paton

Ashleigh Pritchard Charm Cat Stationery

“I have taken courses from other people who work with wedding professionals, but I definitely preferred Heidi’s. Those people have an approach that is a bit more “salesman” and too traditional for me. I’m sure many of their techniques have gotten lots of others where they want to be, but I never really felt good about many of their suggestions.

With the things I’ve learned from Heidi, I feel better about the direction I can take my business. She deals with a lot more facets of business as well as more positive methods of growth, like passive income streams and adding other services.
I have already recommended Heidi to my cousin who is a part-time wedding photographer who wants to get more work and quit her job so she can stay home with her sons as well as other wedding professionals I’ve met who want to grow their businesses.

The best thing about working with Heidi is how flexible she is and how much she wants to know about her readers and clients so she can help them in the best way possible. I think that’s why I get so more out of what Heidi does than other businesses catering to wedding professionals, she caters to the needs of her audience and what they need now. She is super responsive, too!”

Ashleigh Pritchard

Stationer, Charm Cat Stationery & Design


How I came to realize that I needed to start Evolve Your Wedding Business

After spending a few years working on non-profit events after college, I had the pleasure of working as an assistant wedding planner wayyy back in 2007. I loved it so much but all that stress is not for me. Wedding planners: you have my eternal respect!

I couldn’t shake my love of the wedding industry so in 2009 I launched a niche wedding fair in England that catered for quirkier, less traditional couples and it was a resounding success . . . except I found I was spending a huge chunk of my time helping exhibitors with their marketing, so they could get more out of the event.

That’s when it hit me: Not everyone studies marketing and business in their spare time. (Duh, Heidi)

Now I know that probably sounds crazy to you but it was a surprise to me and a huge lightbulb moment.

I decided to do something with my years of marketing experience to help wedding professionals – and that’s when married the marketing and wedding parts of my life and launched Evolve Your Wedding Business.

Now I spend my days helping awesome wedding professionals like you grow their businesses without going crazy in the process (and let’s be real, it’s easy to do!).

You should also know…

-I met my husband when I was 12 on Napster. Don’t worry, he was only 13. This was not a creepy chat room situation 🙂 Remember dial up internet and that horrible screeching sound it made? That (and AOL Instant Messenger) played a huge role in us getting to know each other since I was in Detroit and he was in England.

-I’ve marketed a LOT of different things including non-profit events, social media software, flags, Cambridge University ESOL programs, and….are you ready for this? Poop. Yup, I headed up the marketing for a company that specialized in fecal transplants. I know more about the human microbiome than most people would ever want to know. Weird? Yes, but I count being able to sell poop as a pretty big accomplishment and testament to good marketing.

-When I’m not geeking out on marketing and business I’m geeking out on astrophysics (I never miss an episode of StarTalk Radio), science fiction and civil rights (I did study political science after all).

-I freaking LOVE 30 Rock gifs. I don’t care how long ago that show ended, it’s legendary and Liz Lemon is my spirit animal.

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Are you ready to join forces to give the middle finger to overwhelm and get your business on track, once and for all?