Instagram is fun but how do you use it to actually book more weddings? Not only is it possible to book weddings via Instagram, it’s possible to book weddings with your absolute ideal clients when you use Instagram strategically! Today’s podcast guest has been successfully attracting her ideal clients and booking weddings from Instagram and she has also been using Instagram to enhance her sales process in some really interesting ways. Get ready to up your Instagram game!

Today’s Guest: Marie Burns Holzer

Using Instagram To Attract Your Ideal Client & Book Weddings

Marie Burns Holzer is a Southern California-based wedding officiant who has married 800+ awesome humans in love since 2011. In her previous life, she used her passion for tech and tendency to be an early adopter of social media platforms as a freelance writer and social media marketer for small businesses. She uses the skills she developed then to reach Millenials and Gen Z as an officiant but also shares her tools and strategies as a business coach and an international speaker.

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • Why Instagram matters to your business
  • How Instagram stories factor into your marketing
  • Whether you should have a personal or a business profile on Instagram
  • What it means to put the social back in social media
  • What to post on Instagram to attract your ideal clients
  • How Marie consistently gets 1-3 bookings from Instagram each month
  • The 1000 true fans philosophy and how it works
  • What you can do today to improve your Instagram marketing
  • How to be on brand with your posts
  • How to choose the best Instagram hashtags for your posts
  • Where to put your hashtags and why
  • How to use Instagram for sales before the consult


Want to make your marketing easier & more effective?


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More from Marie:

Instagram: @letsgetmarriedbymarie

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