Do you ever set goals for your business and find yourself straying from them? Or have you felt pulled in a million different directions with all of the creative ideas you have and all the tasks you have on your to-do list? It’s frustrating, but you’re not alone! These things are a struggle for most creative business owners but in this podcast episode, you’ll learn how you can move past these hurdles.

Today’s podcast guest helps creatives stop spinning their wheels and take action on what’s most important. She shares some great insights about maintaining your focus, reaching your goals, and building a business that is sustainable. Here’s to wedding business that doesn’t drive you crazy!

Today’s Guest: Reina Pomeroy

Creative Goal Setting & Building A Sustainable Wedding Business with Reina Pomeroy

Reina Pomeroy is the Founder of Reina + Co, the Life + Biz Success Coaching® Practice for creatives who are right brained and heart centered. She helps clients stop spinning their wheels and take action on what’s most important so they can become the go-to expert in their industry. She is a Coach, Speaker, Educator, Author of the Big Plan for the Creative Mind, and Podcaster. Reina is a host of the Creative Empire Podcast and the Fueled with Heart Podcast to educate new entrepreneurs. Reina’s work has been featured on the Entrepreneur on Fire Podcast,, Brit + Co, The Huffington Post, and the Rising Tide Society.

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • How to use your creativity to your advantage when setting goals
  • How to find a work structure that works for you
  • How to build more intentionality into your business
  • Ways to create to-do lists that won’t overwhelm you
  • Why you should set goals based on what you can control/li>
  • The value of focusing on $100 ideas
  • Why you need a million dollar idea parking lot
  • The importance of a visibility strategy
  • How to create a visibility strategy for your previous clients
  • How to surprise and delight your clients
  • The importance of scalable intimacy
  • Why you should document your systems even if you don’t have a team yet
  • What sustainable business owners do that prevent them from burning out
  • The fallacy of work/life balance and what to focus on instead

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