There is a cult of hustle among business owners and entrepreneurs. Fuck the hustle. The hustle is a cop-out for not building a business intentionally. Take care of yourself. If not for you, for your business. You are your business’ most important asset. You can have a great business and a great life. Not one at the expense of the other. In this episode I’m asking you to challenge the eternal hustle and decide to build the business and life that YOU want.

Giving A Big Middle Finger To Hustle

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • Why I’m strongly opposed to the idea of “hustling” for the sake of it
  • How to identify when you’re filling your time with busywork
  • Why it pays to be intentional vs hustling
  • How society cherishes hard work but not efficient work
  • The decision you need to make to give a big middle finger to hustle

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