What would happen if you optimized your wedding business for the ideal client you wanted to work with AND the life you wanted to live? What would happen if you got rid of your lower-priced packages and focused solely on attracting your ideal clients who were happy to pay for your higher priced packages? What would happen if you stepped into your CEO role and really took your business by the reigns so you were running it instead of it running you?

That’s exactly what today’s podcast guest did and I am so excited to share her journey with you. Her story will challenge so many of the common limiting beliefs we hold like “I can’t charge more” and “If I focus on my ideal client I won’t attract enough clients” and “In order to make more money I have to work harder/more”. If ideas like making more money from fewer weddings or marketing without overwhelm sound exciting to you, you’re going to love this episode of the podcast.

Today’s Guest: Liz Grimes

Evolve Your Wedding Business Podcast Episode #153: Making More Money Doing Fewer Weddings With Liz Grimes

Since forming All Faiths Wedding Officiants of the Triad, Liz Grimes and her husband Jac Grimes have performed over 600 unique couple centered wedding ceremonies! Liz has a real knack for blending non-traditional elements into a ceremony that otherwise looks very traditional. She also loves to help couples create an offbeat, quirky or themed wedding that reflects their commitment and values. She has a closet full of Renaissance-inspired clothes for themed weddings. She has also served as an advocate for children in foster care, and adoptive families, serving on national boards working to increase awareness and services to children. In addition to being an adoptive mother, Liz and Jac have also parented 64 foster children over the 32 years they were licensed foster parents.


In this episode we’ll cover:

  • How Liz started her business and what fears she had about starting her own business
  • Why she got rid of her 2 lowest priced packages
  • How the average income of weddings went up
  • Why it is important to make full use of the tools that you already use
  • How she uses Honeybook, Calendly, and Later to save time
  • Liz tells us about the changes she made to her website that made a big difference
  • How to use you website to qualify ideal clients
  • What structures Liz uses to keep herself on-track
  • Why she is no longer overwhelmed with marketing
  • The importance of tracking your marketing
  • How to manage you work and communicate as a team
  • The importance and value of networking
  • How to work backwards to close leaks in your sales funnel

Want to make your marketing easier & more effective?


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More from Liz:

Website: www.triadweddingofficiant.com
Instagram: @beautifulwordsthatendwithakiss

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