Pinterest and Instagram can be incredibly marketing channels for your wedding business because they’re so visual and that’s definitely something our industry excels at! But how do you build and grow on Instagram & Pinterest? What should you post? What types of content work best on each platform?

Today’s guest, Melissa Megginson of Tailwind, is sharing so much helpful information on how you can use Pinterest & Instagram to attract & book your ideal clients! Tailwind is sponsoring Book More Weddings Summit so you can grab a free trial & $30 credit for a paid plan when you sign up for a new account at!


Today’s Guest: Melissa Megginson

Melissa Megginson is Community Manager and resident Cat Lady at Tailwind, the leading visual marketing tool for brands. As Community Manager at Tailwind, it is her job to make Tailwind’s members look GOOD and find success in their marketing efforts. In her 7 years at Tailwind, Melissa has won an ADDY award worked with major brands like Adobe and JCPenney, and recently graduated with an MBA from the University of Oklahoma. Find her on Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram at @MelMegg.


In this episode we’ll cover:

  • The importance of consistency on Instagram & Pinterest
  • How to figure out what content to create for Instagram & Pinterest
  • The importance of analytics
  • When to post on Instagram & Pinterest
  • How to think about Instagram hashtags
  • Types of content to create
  • Why you have to experiment
  • Types of content doing really well on Instagram & Pinterest
  • Why you should create niche boards on Pinterest
  • How to determine what your goals should be on Instagram & Pinterest
  • How to tailor content to each platform
  • How often to post on Instagram & Pinterest
  • Who you can target with Pinterest ads

Want to make your marketing easier & more effective?


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Instagram: @melmegg & @tailwindapp


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