You’ve probably heard that you should have a blog on your website and you’ve probably thought that sounds like a whole lot of work you don’t like doing and for what? Well, your blog posts can be incredible lead generators for you and if you want to book more weddings, you should definitely have an active blog designed to attract leads to you. It’s actually not as complicated as it sounds and in this podcast episode, our guest is breaking down exactly how to use blog posts to generate more leads and get more bookings.


Today’s Guest: Natasha Johnson

Natasha Johnson is the Founder of the Celebrants Collective. A modern membership platform for career development and business support, that helps wedding celebrants around the world to strive for awesomeness on all levels. She’s also the host of the Celebrant Survival Podcast, a celebrant mentor and educator and as if she’s not doing enough already, she’s also the editor of the award-winning, ceremony-focused wedding blog, Engaged and Ready.


In this episode we’ll cover:

  • The common myths about blogging
  • Why you should have a blog and how often you should post
  • The right way to blog for your wedding business
  • How to avoid spending too much time on posts that won’t drive traffic to your site
  • Topics that bring leads to your website
  • How to think about Instagram hashtags
  • Why you should focus on geographically-specific topics
  • How your blog can build trust with potential clients
  • How your blog positions you as an expert
  • Why you should let your personality shine in your blog posts
  • The importance of calls-to-action
  • Why you shouldn’t just post real wedding blog posts
  • How to turn real wedding posts into lead generators
  • How long your blog posts should be and how many images they should contain
  • How you can repurpose your blog post content
  • The importance of having a marketing plan

Want to make your marketing easier & more effective?


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More from Natasha:

Instagram: @celebrantscollective


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