You’ve probably heard of email marketing but did you know that it can help you weed out price shoppers and nurture your leads so your sales process runs much smoother? Email marketing is a powerful tool that every wedding professional should have in their arsenal because it’s something that you own. You don’t own your Instagram profile or your Facebook account. Any 3rd party platform can shut down or shut down your account with no warning and that’s what makes relying solely on them for your marketing dangerous.

Email marketing allows you to reach your leads directly in their inbox and it allows you to nurture leads that aren’t yet ready to buy so that when they are ready, you’re top of mind! In this episode, our guest shares how email marketing changed her business and how she’s using it to weed out price shoppers and nurture leads.

Today’s Guest: Cristina Barragan

Cristina Barragan Email Marketing


Cristina Barragan, is the Owner and Chief Creative Officer at Posh Peony. In 2005, she started teaching elementary education and at the same time, launched her floral design business as a household hobby, never imagining the growth it would have in the following years!

Today, Posh Peony is known for producing luxury and lush floral designs with an emphasis in personalization and an elevated client experience. She runs a boutique style studio that provides full-service design and educational workshops at a local and international level. Her work has been featured numerous times in prominent publications such as; Martha Stewart Weddings, Style Me Pretty, Green Wedding Shoes, Once Wed, The Perfect Palette, and many more.

She has been able to grow and scale her business which has allowed her to pursue her love of teaching in the event industry. Through her florist online community; Fleursociety, she has been able to empower floral designers and entrepreneurs on how to build better businesses with her online courses and LIVE events.


In this episode we’ll cover:

  • Why email marketing matters
  • How most wedding pros are missing out
  • How email marketing adds to the client experience
  • How email marketing weeds out price shoppers
  • How a nurture email sequence does a lot of work for you
  • Why email marketing helps set you apart from the competition
  • How email marketing works and how to build your list
  • What content to included in your nurture sequence
  • How email marketing makes consultations more effective
  • How to set expectations around price and process
  • How often to email your list

Want to make your marketing easier & more effective?


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More from Cristina:

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