Every time I talk about avoiding burnout by constructing boundaries, I get the same comments from wedding professionals. Those comments sound like “You’re right, I plan to do something for my business but get totally sidetracked because a bride emailed me and I immediately jumped over to working on that.” If you do that or have ever caught yourself wanting to do that, you’re not alone.

Wedding professionals are caring people who want to help their clients and make them happy. That’s wonderful but sometimes that can result in people-pleasing behavior. What’s the problem with wanting to please people? Nothing! That is until it starts to hurt your business and your clients. Many wedding pros are inadvertently hurting themselves and their clients in an effort to give their clients an amazing experience and in this podcast episode, I’m breaking down how people-pleasing actually hurts your business & clients and how you can move past it.


In this episode we’ll cover:

  • What people-pleasing looks like
  • Why we people please and what to do about it
  • How people-pleasing behavior actually harms the clients you’re trying to help and harms your business in the process
  • What you can do to avoid people-pleasing behavior
  • Questions to ask yourself to get to the root of why you feel like you need to please everyone
  • Fundamental truths about people that we don’t realize
  • What boundaries look like for your clients and yourself
  • How boundaries protect you and prevent burnout
  • How boundaries actually serve your clients well
  • How to create the guard rails you need to create the life you want outside of your business

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