37 Practical Blog Post Ideas For Wedding Professionals

I know what it’s like when you first start blogging. You do it because you know it’s good for your business but you struggle with what to write about and it all feels really overwhelming. I know this is a problem, you’ve told me this is a problem, so today I’m giving you 37 practical blog post ideas that you can use on your blog. Take them, tweak them, make them yours!

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1. Highlight wedding bloggers

Highlight the best wedding bloggers for your ideal client and title it something like The Best 10 Wedding Blogs For Quirky Couples (or whatever best describes your ideal client). Then emails those bloggers to let them know you featured them but don’t ask them to share the post. Instead, thank them for being so awesome and they will likely want to share it on their own because it makes them look good!


2. Host a challenge

This could be as simple as giving them 1 thing to get done in their wedding planning each week.


3. Write a post listing your favorite resources that will help your ideal client

For planners, this might be organizational tools/resources. For photographers, it could be resources that help them look and feel more confident in their photos. Put yourself in their shoes and think about what would help them and give it to them!


4. Write an “Ultimate Guide To….” post

These posts are generally much longer than your typical blog post but they are killer for bringing in traffic and delivering a ton of value. Plus you can continually share them on social media. These babies live forever!

This could be an ultimate guide to choosing your wedding flowers, looking amazing in your wedding photos, what to put on your wedding invitations along with how to choose what to include based on different situations (like parents & step-parents, do you list all 4? do you need to list parents at all? how do you decide on the level of formality?).

A dress designer or boutique owner could write an ultimate guide to choosing the right dress for you that goes into dress shapes, who they’re best for, determining your body type, how to draw attention away from areas you don’t love, etc. This is incredibly valuable and will get shared a LOT for years to come.


5. Write a crowdsourced Ultimate Guide post

The first version of the Ultimate Guide post is all your expert knowledge but you can do this by crowdsourcing and linking to the best resources (including yours of course). Here is what this looks like: http://www.annesamoilov.com/ultimate-guide-to-hiring-the-best-virtual-team/

You get the credit for being super useful and the traffic and you don’t have to write all of it on your own. Of course the same thing applies to this post as does #1, email the people you linked to and tell them you included them!


6. Answer a question that no one else is answering

There are a lot of questions couples have and many of them are things people don’t want to address or don’t think to address. For venues, this may have to do with pricing for a wedding vs just a party. For a photographer, it could be able why you don’t offer just the digital files to your clients.


7. Create & share a checklist, cheat sheet, reference guide

You can write a post taking people though everything they should consider when hiring a wedding cake maker but you can really put the icing on the cake (see what I did there?) by offering it to them as a free download. Even better you can ask for their email address in exchange for it and build your email list!


8. Highlight another wedding pro or brand you love

When you highlight another wedding pro of brand you love you build trust because it’s not all about you. You’re positioning yourself as a resource to people reading your blog and that goes a LONG way. Of course, if you do highlight someone, let them know!


9. Answer a question you got in a consultation, email or social media

If you really listen for the questions that people ask you, you’ll have TONS of blog post topics to choose from. Every question you get can become a blog post. It doesn’t have to be difficult!


10. Fire back at something controversial

There is always something controversial happening. Peta Pixel did a great job of jumping on this article about not feeding photographers and firing back in their own way.


11. Make predictions

Based on what you see, what do you think will be popular later this year or next year? Write about it!


12. Write a post about a question you wish more people would ask

Is there a question that you wish people would ask you but they rarely do? Maybe it’s something that makes a big difference that potential clients don’t understand. Answer this questions like you would answer your frequently asked questions in a post.


13. Share something in the industry that excites you

Is there a new trend you’re seeing that you’re really excited about? Maybe you love that more couples are going the more personalized route as opposed to tradition. Show your potential clients what is happening (remember they’re new to the wedding world) and why you’re excited about it.


14. Share a trend you’d like to see make a comeback

What is something that used to be part of weddings that really isn’t anymore?  Chances are your potential clients have never seen it unless it’s been in the wedding media in the last 18 months. Share something old you’d love to see more of in modern weddings. Or you could write a post called Something Old, Something New and combine this post with the new trend idea above.


15. Feature guest posts

Take on guest posts from wedding pros you have relationships with. Let them give advice on their portion of the industry or do an interview with them. They’ll love you for sharing their business with your readers!


16. Write a glossary post

There are a lot of terms that we throw around in the wedding world that mean nothing to someone who is just getting started. You can help them by writing a glossary post that defines the common terms that they’ll hear.


17. Write an inspiration post

An inspiration post can be quotes that you’ve compiled, tips from your previous clients that they wish they would have known when they were getting started, or it can be visual inspiration for a particular theme.


18. Write about what not to do

Write about with things you should definitely not to when planning your wedding, choosing your photographer, booking their venue etc. If you have them, share stories of people who did these things and what happened.


19. Share a before and after

This might be visual (in the case of a makeup artist) or it may be a story that you tell about a client. Maybe as a wedding planner you had a couple come to you and they were super stressed out. Tell that story and what happened as you worked with them and how it turned out.


20. Tell your client’s story

Tell your client’s story but do it in a way that makes it something that a potential client can learn from. For example, don’t just show that a couple incorporated certain things into their wedding, tell the reader how and why they decided to do this and what they should do if they’re considering doing something similar.


21. Debunk myths

What myths or misconceptions do people have about what you do? Maybe they think wedding planners are for famous people or all photographers do the same thing. Maybe they think that wedding invitations have to be boring. Your blog is a great place to challenge and debunk these myths and misconceptions.


22. Tell them what to ask before hiring someone who does what you do

Most couples are new to this whole hiring people to work on their wedding thing and they could use some help. Tell them what to ask (and what people often forget to ask) before hiring you or someone who does what you do. If you want to take it one step further create a downloadable checklist for them to take to consults!


23. Answer common but overlooked questions

You’re an expert so it’s natural for you to overlook the basic questions that people have when they’re just getting started with wedding planning. For example, if you’re a wedding cake maker most people have no idea how to figure out how much cake they need. You could write a post showing them exactly how to do this.


24. Create a regular feature

You can create a regular feature on your blog like a tip of the week or a monthly round-up of helpful blog posts (including yours of course).


25. Write a mistakes post

Write about the 5 most common mistakes people make when planning their wedding, booking the photographer, etc. and how your reader can avoid them.


26. Highlight your approach/style

Highlight why you do things the way you do, what it does for your clients and how it compares to other ways of doing it.


27. Write a FAQ post

Once you write those individual posts answering questions this one is super easy, you’re just putting the questions and answers all in one place for ease of use.


28. Write about your area of geekery

What is the part of your business that you REALLY geek out about? Maybe it’s killer customer experience or spending hours creating cakes with insanely intricate details. You have an area of geekery, talk about it and use it as an opportunity to show people how you work.


29. Write a behind the scenes post

We’re all a little voyeuristic. We like to see what happens in places we don’t usually have access to. What does it look like when you’re designing, baking and decorating a cake? How does that all come together?


30. Show the pros & cons of working with an experienced specialist vs Uncle Bob who offered to take your photos

Write this post with some heart, people want the best results but they also don’t want you to insult their friend or family member who offered to do something for them. Just be real with them. Share a story to illustrate your point.


31. Write about the questions you ask your customers & why you ask them

What is it like to have a consultation with you? What questions do you ask and why do you ask them? Why does it matter?


32. Describe what your clients struggle with and how you help them through it

Your client has a problem that you help them solve. What are they struggling with at first and how do you help them through that as you work with them?


33. Interview a client

Nothing gives you credibility like someone who was in the exact position your potential client is in singing your praises. You can do this in video, audio or text format. Make sure you include photos from their wedding!


34. Write about the best time to book

Lots of couples are unsure of when to book certain vendors. Tell them when they should book their <insert what you do> and why. Do you always book up by a certain month? Write this in a way that isn’t all about you. This is meant to be helpful but also encourage them to book by a certain time.


35. Teach how to do something

Write a post that teaches the reader how to do something. If you’re a stationer this could be how to decide what to include on your invitation or how to decide if you need save the dates. If you’re a florist it could be how to choose flowers that match the season or theme of your wedding.


36. Report and comment on industry statistics

You can find countless infographics and stats about the wedding industry on Pinterest. Write about the stats you find (link to your sources of course), embed the infographic if you’d like and give your own take on this and what this means for your readers.


37. Tie your post to pop culture

Is your ideal client likely a fan of Game Of Thrones? Instead of writing a post about how to avoid family conflicts write one called How To Prevent Your Wedding From Turning Into The Red Wedding and tie all of it to Game Of Thrones. It makes for a much more fun read!

There you have it, 37 ideas that you can take, tweak, adapt and use however you like. Click here to download these 37 ideas to refer to whenever you need them!

Download 37 blog post ideas

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